Big Data Century: Who owns our data?

Viviana Garcia, Alexander Goncharskiy

Viviana Garcia, economist and researcher holding M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Mannheim. Viviana works at the University of Mannheim and at the Center for Evaluation and Development. She leads data collection projects in developing countries and assists local governments in the areas of data analysis and protection.

Alexander Goncharskiy, economist and data scientist, holding M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Mannheim. Alexander works at the Commerzbank. He has experience in leading data analysis and economic research projects at the German Bundesbank and at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW Mannheim).

Social networks, online shops, as well as search engines every day collect vast amounts of personalized details – Big Data. Big Data is technology, unique by its nature. It allows collecting, aggregating, analyzing and reporting large sets of information. Both companies and individuals have interests in understanding how their data is being handled. Big data provides enormous benefits (e.g. personalized goods and services) and, at the same time, bears extremely high risks of unethical use of information. This workshop will give you unique perspectives into the recent and notorious cases of unethical use of data, the current legal framework and will offer insightful discussions.


Samstag 9:00-10:30, O 048