Building the Future: PERI USA’s Sales and Marketing Strategy 2020

This event enables you to obtain a deeper understanding of the topics marketing, sales, and international strategy. Established in 1982, PERI USA has a fascinating history. After a turbulent first decade (you will hear some stories during the discussion…), the subsidiary was successfully restructured in the early 1990’s. A tremendous boom followed, only to be cut short by the financial crisis of 2008. PERI USA started to recover again, but without reaching pre-crisis levels. In 2014, management thus decided that a new strategy was required to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. In this Corporate Discussion, you will gain unique insights into the market environment of our subsidiary in the US. Moreover, we provide you with the opportunity to draft a new sales and marketing strategy, and to convince our Managing Director of your ideas. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Dieses Event findet je nach Englischkenntnissen der Teilnehmer in Deutsch oder Englisch statt.

Corporate Discussion – was ist das überhaupt? Hier findet Du eine kurze Erklärung zum innovativen Format.

Corporate Discussion

Samstag 15:30 - 17:00