A job (site) for pioneers: How to prepare for a sustainable future?

  A sustainable economy is impossible without a sustainable construction industry. Being a family-owned firm, PERI is dedicated to making construction sites safer and more efficient through its state-of-the-art formwork and scaffolding systems. As we are working on cutting-edge products, both in terms of hardware and digitalization, we are increasingly confronted with a crucial challenge: How shall a formwork manufacturer prepare for a future in which construction sites might work without concrete (to reduce carbon emissions), and thus also without formwork? In this corporate discussion, we will examine how latest trends and regulations shape the construction industry’s future. Assume the position of a PERI top executive and take strategic decisions that will have a thorough impact on the business. We are looking forward to meeting you.
Corporate Discussion

Donnerstag 12.11, 9:00-11:00