Digitally Colonized

„When you do not pay for the product, you are the product“. Especially when it comes to the digital world, many have heard this claim. However, only few know about the true sellers, buyers, and beneficiaries of these „products“.

In this workshop, we uncover layer by layer all participants of this digital value chain and experience who shakes hands with whom about capturing our value. Also, we discover why nobody has an interest in us taking part in this shakehands and why we each one of us is actually a digital colony.

We will then apply our discoveries to considerable side-effects of this kind of deals. Using commercially available data you will learn how big data methods can be used to break the privacy and learn the secrets of nearly everyone in the Internet.

Finally, we discuss an alternative approach to create and capture value from users‘ data that at the same time avoid these side-effects. We talk about a technological paradigm-shift from server-side to client-side data intelligence.

The workshop is suited for everyone, no special previous or programming knowledge required.


Freitag 14:00