Dr. Jennifer Dungs

Porsche Digital, Manager

Jennifer Dungs is working to create the digital lifestyle in and around premium mobility at Porsche Digital. Porsche Digital is embracing digital technologies to enable asset light and scalable business models that are exciting, aspirational, and intelligent along our customers’ journeys. She has worked over 17 years in the automotive industry, previously 10 years in Detroit at Ford Motor Company focusing on energy efficiency, air quality, and sustainability topics. She moved to Germany in 2010, working at BMW in Munich for research and development, and more recently as the Institute Director at Fraunhofer for mobility and smart cities. Dr. Dungs has both a M.S. Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. Chemistry. She is a global speaker on the topics of future mobility and smart cities and is passionate about playing a role in the revolution of the automotive industry.


Saturday (International Day), SO108