Erik Muttersbach

Co-Founder & CTO, FreightHub

Erik is a serial entrepreneur and experienced CTO with over a decade of experience in building software. In the past years, he has founded tech companies with a diverse focus, ranging from IoT technology for museums over e-commerce systems to big data cloud platforms.

Having built three companies from scratch and consulted various tech companies and Venture Capitalists, Erik knows the ins and outs of the startup ecosystem.

His biggest contribution yet, FreightHub, which he co-founded in 2016, currently employs 300 people in over 10 cities on 2 continents. While the company is still growing, Erik and his team work on re-building the backbone of global supply chains with technology – making shipping products around the globe easy, reliable and transparent.

Erik has graduated from Technical University of Munich with a M.Sc. in Computer science. He also holds an Honours Degree in Technology Management from the Center for Digital Technology and Management Munich.

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