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Gaby Umbach

GlobalStat, Founding director
University of Cologne, adjunct professor

Gaby Umbach is Director of “GlobalStat – Database on Developments in a Globalised World” and co-directs the research projects “Global Governance by Indicators” and “On the Political Economy of Measuring State Capacity and Governance”.

Mrs. Umbach studied Political Science at the University of Cologne, where she also holds a PhD from and  where she had been Senior Research Associate of the Jean Monnet Chair for Political Science. In her position she analysed and taught European integration issues with a focus on employment, social and environmental policies as well as on EU institutions. In 2010 she joined the GGP for a Jean Monnet Fellowship on “Global policy crises and institutional responses of the early 21st century”. Since 2011 she is part of the GGP faculty. Over the past 15 years, she has been engaged in numerous international research projects. Her fields of expertise include European integration studies and theories; Europeanisation; multi-level and new modes of governance and policy coordination. Through her research at the GGP she extended her academic focus towards global governance; sustainable development and global governance by indicators.


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