Market Microstructure Developments

  In this workshop, Deutsche Börse will present and discuss the current developments observed recently in the derivatives markets market structure. Several questions we would like to cover and answer here: How do participants interact on a derivatives exchange? How important is the physical trading floor in Frankfurt for Eurex? Does trading even happen there? How is technology shaping this industry, e.g. AI, machine learning and cloud? How relevant is High Frequency Trading and what do the “Flashboys” have to do with that? Why is transparency so important for financial markets and how can an exchange help to connect people and investors? The objective of the workshop is to identify and develop new initiatives based on the current challenges and opportunities in today’s derivatives markets. The focus will be on current market micro-structure, so more precisely, how do banks, market makers, end-clients and proprietary firms interact in our order book and beyond. Here the workshop will allow participants to better understand the economics behind derivatives markets and how the orderbook functions. Also further questions will be covered, e.g. how and why does information asymmetry, adverse selection and the importance of speed play a role? How important is technology? Together with the participants of the workshop Deutsche Börse wants to find ways to systematically improve market structure. We are looking forward to e-meeting you!

Freitag 13.11, 8:30-12:30