Unternehmensworkshop Peri Gmbh


Sustainability awareness in the construction industry –
How to push sustainability as B2B supplier?

There are huge sustainability challenges in the construction industry. To address these, awareness and problem recognition is the first step towards improvements. PERI as a family-owned and innovative company has recognized this trend and the need for change. The construction industry as a whole has not yet fully anticipated this development and PERI cannot tackle these challenges alone.
The bias between a willingness to innovate and less sustainable customer requirements leads in the situation that it´s difficult for PERI to adapt to a sustainability-driven future.

Work with us on possibilities to increase the sustainability awareness in the construction sector and give the topic of sustainability an added value that is also interesting for B2B-customers and increases their willingness to pay for a sustainable development.


Datum und Uhrzeit: Sa. 13. März, 9:00 - 12:00 Uhr