The Future of the EU

The Future of the EU

– The European Project at a Crossroads 

The European project is at a crossroads, either it is able to continuously pursue the course it has adopted with an ever-closer union, integrating as many policy fields as possible, or follow nationalist tendencies, giving parts of its power back to the national level. In the latter case, the European Union could concentrate more on particular projects like the Single Market or common security and defence policies. Especially populist parties would be in favour of a Europe not limiting their national sovereignty.  

Taking into account the fragmented situation within the European Union and the discord between its member states concerning policy areas such as migration and the economic union, one question arises: To what extent is the current EU able to take responsibility for its citizens? 

As the European Union is currently mainly concerned with internal and organizational issues, how can it retain its international role and protect its citizens from global threats? In the  Politics discussion,we want to discuss what is necessary to secure the future of the European Union and what alternatives could arise for a new relationship between member states, the EU and its citizens.  

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