Monetizing Digitalization – How to Become a Digital Hero

Internet of things, block-chain, artificial intelligence: These digital innovations may seem like just buzzwords, but they are changing the way we do business. Companies are using these technologies to create new products, develop solutions and services, and establish new communication channels to engage with customers.


While around 81 percent of companies have already made investments in digitalization, only 18 percent manage to successfully monetize their initiatives. These companies, which we call “digital heroes,” achieve an EBITDA that is, on average, 37 percent higher than that of other companies.

  • Why are the remaining 82 percent of companies struggling to monetize their initiatives?
  • Are there significant differences between industries?
  • How do digital heroes achieve these results?

We want to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing companies in today’s digital world. How can companies become digital heroes?

Join our discussion – we are looking forward to meeting the next generation of digital heroes!

Corporate Discussion

Freitag 16:30