Sebastian Berns 

Associate at Value for Good 

At Value for Good Sebastian works with international institutions, foundations, NGOs and private sector clients and equips them with knowledge and tools to increase their social impact. His most recent projects focused on streamlining global reporting processes for a major UN organization, providing training and coaching for a group of NGOs on impact management and supporting an international foundation in building government partnerships for development cooperation. Sebastian is passionate about innovative approaches in finance and technology that help improve social outcomes.

In 2017, he started his career in strategy consulting at Corporate Value Associates in Berlin focusing on projects around digital vision design, digital transformation and PMO in the automotive sector. During his studies, he completed various assignments for ABB Group, KfW DEG and the InterAmerican Development Bank in Germany, South Africa, Kenya and the US.

Sebastian holds a master’s degree in Management from the University of Mannheim.  

The Workshop is given by Mr. Berns together with Ms. Alena Klatte. 

Unternehmertum-Vertiefungsworkshop [EN]

Freitag 16:30, O 126