Tech for Good – Building responsible partnerships to leverage the positive impact of technology

Sebastian Berns & Alena Klatte – Associates at Value for Good 

Machine learning, the internet of things and drones are just some examples of technological advances that are profoundly shaping our society. While technology can amplify societal problems, it can also be harnessed to address them. Bridging the gap between the „tech“ and the „not-for-profit“ worlds becomes more and more important to create scalable solutions for complex societal problems. Together we will explore the following questions, discuss and learn how to apply practical tools.

Making the case: Why should the tech and the not-for-profit sector collaborate?
Our recent study findings: Can AI help to combat sexual abuse of children?
From strategy to implementation: How consulting tools can be applied to make „tech for good“ initiatives a success?

Unternehmertum-Vertiefungsworkshop [EN]

Freitag 16:30, O 126