The Storytelling Crisis – How we co-create stories that inspire action

INFINITY Mannheim – Duc Nguyen, Thy-Diep

Are you a storyteller? Despite all achievements of creating a more sustainable world, the word sustainability has been used in so many different ways that it has at times lost clarity and therefore meaning. For some, it is still associated with sacrifice and backward looking policy. However, in order to create a more sustainable world, we need to communicate clearly and credibly, in which way sustainability matters to each of us and to all of us. We invite storytellers to join us in understanding what it takes to create a strong vision and how to spark inspiration for action. Together we explore the shortcomings of the existing systems and find ways to work with these using creativity to develop powerful call to actions.

Thy-Diep (Yip) is committed to help organizations improve decision-making and overall well-being by improving collective levels of emotional intelligence using insights from neurosciences. She is a trainer and business coach, designing interactions on the foundations of mindfulness practice. Previously, she worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company in Munich, where she mostly served C-Level executives from client organizations.

Duc Nguyen is the co-founder of INFINITY Deutschland a nationalwide organisation with over 400 students, which focus on solving local problems with a global mindset. After his business studies in Mannheim he gained experience in private equity, start ups and MNEs. Right now he is working as a management consultant in the field of artificial intelligence and digital transformation.


Samstag 11:00-12:30, O 126